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After breakfast overlooking the ocean at the Mexican Restaurant we took a cab to the ferry for our Cozumel trip. In the town we walked right by some ancient Mayan ruins.  The ferry was crowded but fun.  Our tour took us in a boat to two different snorkeling sites right along the coast.  We passed several large cruise ships. The first site was warm and still.  Wow!  What fish! What coral!

We saw parrotfish and moray eels, lots of schools of little striped fish and some angel fish and clown fish!  All types of coral, fan, brain and many I don't know.  The second spot was cold and had a stiff current.  The parrot fish were really big here!  They took an underwater photo of me snorkeling with the fish all around me.


We were served drinks and taken to a hotel on the beach for lunch, a Mexican buffet.  It was hot even under the fans but the water gorgeous!  I wasn't feeling too well from the dinner the night before however. On the boat we laid on the deck and drank Margaritas and coronas. Lovely.

Then we went shopping in the town and stopped outside a little cafe.  Back on the ferty and shopped in Playa del Carmen for cotton clothing for my trip to Egypt. So comfortable! I bought a gorgeous white dress. We had dinner in the very elegant Italian restaurant.  What terrific food!  I had a mix of seafood and pasta that was magnificent.  That night I think I had the Mexican flu but I was okay by the morning.