Group Meeting Agenda

Participants: Ron Howard, TSLC Human Resources Manager; Mary Henson, TSLC
Education Subcommittee Member; Larry Moore, TSLC Education Strategy Working
Group; Rita Karl, planner/designer; Suzanne Cobarruvias, facilitator; Sharon Todd,


Identify and explore the range of optimals, solutions or causes to the
decrease of available entry-level engineers.

List recommendations for solutions.


The discussion will be open and led by the facilitator. The facilitator will
collect ideas written on paper the tables.

Ideas will be culminated and discussed further for making recommendations.
Agenda  Member Time
Introductions All 5 min.
Purpose Rita 2 min.
Process Rita 2 min.
Brainstorming All 30 min.
Recommendations Rita/All 15 min.
Summary Rita  5 min.