Interview Agenda: Subject Matter Analysis

I. Introduction

A.     About me: Needs assessment team member, hired by the Texas Space
        Leadership Council (TSLC) to assess a production problem.
         B.    About project:
                      1.  NASA/JSC (and it's constituent aerospace contractors) are concerned about
                           the technical ability level of the entry-level engineers.

         C.    About this Meeting:
                      1. Need to know what qualities and characteristics you look for in a new recruit.
                      2. This meeting will take no more than 30 minutes.

II. Body of Interview

         A.     Need to know about:

    Which of the following qualities do you look for when selecting entry level engineers.

        B.    Are the applicants you are interviewing deficient in any of the above mentioned criteria?
        C.    Do you believe there is a discrepancy between optimal recruit criteria and actual
                recruit profiles?
        D.    Do you have any thoughts as to possible causes/solutions to this problem (if any)?

 III. Conclusion

        A. Questions/comments?
        B. Summarize ideas and compliment contribution of respondent.
        C. Your ideas will contribute to the content of this needs assessment report.
        D. Thanks for your time and efforts.

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