Interview Agenda: Needs Assessment

I.      Introduction

       A.    About me: Needs assessment team member, hired by the Texas Space Leadership Council (TSLC) to assess a production problem.

       B.    About project.

                1.   NASA/JSC (and it's constituent aerospace contractors) are concerned about how they are directing their efforts at analyzing the number of entry-level engineers who apply to work at NASA (and ways to increase that number).

       A.    About this Meeting.

                1.    Need to know if you think there is an insufficient number of entry-level engineers at the BS and graduate level. Why do you think the recruiting numbers are low?
                2.    This meeting will take no more than 30 minutes.

II.    Body of Interview

       A.   Need to know about:

                1.    The optimal number of entry-level engineers needed at the BS and graduate levels.
                2.    The actual number of entry-level engineers hired at the various levels.
                3.    What do you think is the cause of the discrepency?
                4.    Is prior education a factor?
                5.    Have the numbers of engineers needed to fill aerospace industry positions been increasing?
                6.    Comment on the quality of the applicants currently applying for these jobs.
                7.    How long on average do these individuals (or what percent) remain with NASA?
                8.     Do you have any opinions on how the TSLC might address this problem?

III.   Conclusion

               A.    Questions/comments
               B.    Summarize ideas and compliment contribution of respondent.
               C.    Your ideas will contribute to the content of this needs assessment report.
               D.    Thanks for your time and efforts.

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