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"Better to try all things and to find all empty, than to try nothing and leave your life a blank."
-Charlotte Bronte

"There are as many types of love as there are moments in time."
-Jane Austen


Travel Photography

 Egypt, Yucatan, Rome, Munich, FranceItaly, England and Scotland, Dahab (Sinai Peninsula), NYC - D.C. 2002,
Garmitsch, Bavaria, Holidays in Egypt 2003 (Cairo, Aswan, Lake Nasser Cruise, Luxor), NYC - D.C. 2003, Coney Island,
The Brooklyn Museum, The Botanical Gardens, New York Views, Lugano, Switzerland, Sharm El Sheikh Trip, Alexandria,
The Malta Experience, London Calling, Paris in the Springtime, Venice

Ostia Antica


Holiday, Cats, My PT Cruiser, Space, Bike Trip to Seabrook, Legs, New Desk and Cats, My Egyptian Apartment,
Thanksgiving 2002, America Trip., Christmas in Egypt, My New Stereo, Little Anita at Three, Villa, Alexandria Library, Ramesseum
Alexandria Adventures, Sharm at the Ritz, New Villa, Ismailia Gardens, New Kittens!, Random Shots, Einstein Conference, Cats of Montaza  

Halloween, Fall Fun!, Fall Foliage, Christmas Apt, Holidays 2006, The Botanical Preserve: Fall

The Tulip Poplar Tree, Bonsai Kitty, The Beautiful Shoes and Joyous Spring


ISIS Consulting - Instructional Strategies and Solutions

Texas Aerospace Scholars - NASA Johnson Space Center

Educational Research: Professional Papers, Needs Assessment,
Technology Proficiency, Program Evaluation

Rita and Chuck.JPG (285262 bytes)
Rita with Chuck Shaw, Flight Director

Course Design and Development

NASA: Shuttle to Station, Earth to Mars

Lunar and Planetary Institute: Explore: Fun with Science!, Earth/Mars Analogies,
3-D Mars Images, 3-D Tour of the Solar System Teacher's Guide,
and How to Make Your Own 3-D Glasses!

Mars: Ocean on Mars, Mars of the Mind, Earth Attacks!

Mission Control Centers

Virtual Tour of Egypt     The Digital Classroom


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Travelogues: Egypt, Yucatan, Rome, Munich, France, Russia,
Italy, England and Scotland
, The Malta Experience

Fiction: The Painted Chair, The Adventure of the Ohio Christmas Pudding, It's a Buffy, Buffy Christmas

Non-Fiction: My Day in Mission Control, Flight of the Zero-g Bird!


H. Rider Haggard

Space: Space Stories, Mission Control, Pete Conrad Memorial Tree Planting,
Aerospace Scholars (John Young and Bonnie Dunbar),
Space: The Final Frontier

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